Welcome to Dean’s Tackle Box! We offer specialty and custom tackle for the dedicated walleye angler, with an emphasis on year-round river walleye and sauger fishing. Our products have stood the test of time for a long time, and are extensively tested in the field by our extensive network of guides and tournament anglers. Much more than a tackle store, Dean’s Tackle Box is truly a walleye angler “Pro Shop”. A lot of shops have pro in the name and tout that they’re all about working with the pro’s. Well, we are the pro’s who want to work directly with other pro’s. Not being one of those big retailers allows us to really focus on each customer and job that we do, it truly is quality over quantity. Fishing is a sport than not only requires skill, but good equipment is of the upmost importance. Don’t get stuck in the water without the things you need!

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Boost Your Camping Skills With These Smart Ideas

  When you go camping with your family, you are likely to create memories that everyone remembers for a lifetime. But are the memories good ones filled with smiles and laughter? Or is just the trip that no one ever wants to talk about? The difference is largely in your knowledge and preparation for the trip. Read on for tips…

Trout Fishing Tips for Landing the Big Ones

If you want to catch the trout you’ll talk about for years, then you have to arm yourself with knowledge and proper gear and tackle. Trout fishing requires that you become something of a specialist because there’s so much to learn. Trout are very savvy and don’t just succumb to the first fishing fly they see that hits the water…